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Request Atkins Diet by filling your weight and height and contacts details.You will then need to pay 90000 Toman to receive a full phase 1 menu.

How To use

If you want to lose more than 6 kg in two weeks
if your body metabolism is too slow
if you want to achieve your ideal weight
New Atkins Diet is the right choice for you

Shopping guide

You can buy from supermarkets,gyms and pharmacies throughout the country
you can also place your order online and receive your order at your address easily

Atkins has a vast variety of product range offering
High protein Bar Advantage Bar
Meal Bar
Day Break
You also order the 14 days menu of diet plan online



Advantage more

Advantage Shakes

Advantage Shakes more

Lift Chocolate Bar

Lift Chocolate Bar more

Day Break

Day Break more


Endulge more


Cuisine more


Harvest more

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